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 Oklahoma City National Memorial

Few events in the past quarter-century have rocked Americans’ perception of themselves and their institutions and brought together the people of our nation with greater intensity than the 19 April 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. The resulting deaths of 168 people, some of whom were children, immediately touched thousands of family members whose lives will forever bear the scars of having had those precious to them taken away so brutally.

Suffering with such families are countless survivors, including children, who struggle not only with the suffering around them, but with their own physical and emotional injuries and with shaping a life beyond 19 April. Such losses and struggles are personal and, since they resulted from so public an attack, they also are shared with a community, a nation and the world.

But the story of the bombing does not stop with the attack itself or with the many losses it caused. The responses of Oklahoma’s public servants and private citizens, and those from throughout the nation remain as a testament to the sense of unity, compassion, even heroism, that characterized the rescue and recovery following the bombing.

In the aftermath of the bombing, people of all colors, ages, religions, and political philosophies reached out in love — from co-workers, bystanders, and professionals who appeared almost instantly to help at the site to individuals thousands of miles away who sent letters of support or funds to provide for devastated families. Within days of the bombing, the Mayor’s office, the Governor’s office, non-profit agencies, and citizens of Oklahoma City began to receive suggestions, ideas, and offers of donations related to the creation of a memorial.

Bricktown Water Taxi

Since opening day in 1999, the Bricktown Water Taxi has become one of the most popular attractions in the Bricktown downtown district of Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma. In 2007, the water taxi carried their one millionth passenger. In 2009 the water taxi marked ten years of showing tourists and locals alike the sights and sounds of Bricktown from a unique perspective, floating down the Bricktown Canal.


Cost $75

 Yellow Rose Dinner Theatre

“It’s like a trip to Branson, Vegas, or Broadway without the travel!” Nothing says entertainment like “LIVE THEATRE” add great award winning food and you just hit the jackpot on a perfect evening!

We’re Oklahoma’s only full time permanent dinner theatre in the Mid-West! We feature Oklahoma talent at its best. All of our Productions are original in performance and nature. While we feature mostly Oklahoma’s great talent we also bring in some of the nation’s best performers to present the best in full entertainment for our patrons.


Cost $50


 Myriad Botanical Gardens

Myriad Botanical Gardens is one of Oklahoma City’s most beautiful and vibrant garden and park spaces offering visitors a 15-acre natural escape in the heart of downtown. Free and open to the public, the outdoor spaces include: ornamental gardens, a children’s garden and playground, Great Lawn, lake, an off-leash dog park, water features including splash fountains for children and walking and jogging paths. There is always something happening at the Gardens.

Put a Cork In It Winery

Put a cork in it is thrilled to invite you to the sweet simplicity of an Oklahoma City wine experience! In 2008, John and Andrea wanted to create an Oklahoma Adventure of their own retirement. Together they built Put a Cork In It for their customers to enjoy local wines, and authentic and inviting atmosphere, and encourage local business in Bricktown. At Put a Cork In It, guests can sample, sip, shop, and socialize on the waterway while being connected to Oklahoma City’s thriving Bricktown community.

Shopping at the Auto Mobile Alley



 National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

America’s West, with its unique blend of cultures, open terrains, and awesome vistas, is a source of inspiration around the world. We invite you to come and experience the West with us as we explore it through its people, places, and history. The dramatic story of the West led to the establishment of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and we are committed to bringing those stories to you.

45th Infantry Division Museum

The 45th Infantry Division served 511 days in battle during World War II, participating in eight campaigns. The World War II gallery examines the actions of the Thunderbirds from Sicily, Italy, France, and Germany.

See original drawings by Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Bill Mauldin whose characters, Willie and Joe, chronicled the lives of the infantrymen in World War II, using both humor and sobering realism to tell their story.

One of the finest collections of American military weapons in the nation, the Reaves Collection was acquired by the museum in 1980. The collection features firearms and related artifacts dating from the Revolutionary War through Vietnam!

The Thunderbirds served 429 days in battle during the Korean War, participating in four campaigns. The Korean War gallery chronicles the activities of the Thunderbirds from 1950 through 1953.

The 45th Division Museum’s 15 acre park features tanks, artillery, personnel carriers, aircraft, and the Thunderbird Monument which pays tribute to the men who served with the Division in World War II and Korea; as well as those men and women who continue to serve in Oklahoma’s National Guard.

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